CEPA Resources and Activities

The biggest CEPA outreach activity takes place every 2 February since 1997, the Convention’s annual World Wetlands Day campaign uniting the Convention on Wetlands' global community in activities to raise awareness of the value of wetlands. 

You can improve your communication, education, participation and capacity building techniques from the wide range of tools and materials available below.

Also on this page you will find key documents related to CEPA including guidelines documents, CEPA Programmes (Resolutions) and CEPA Action Plans from various countries. 

CEPA Educational Materials

In this section you will find CEPA educational/teaching materials. Useful resources: Australian Government Water education resources Discovering wetlands in Australia WWF Hong Kong education packs United States Geological Survey Water...

CEPA Stories

Be inspired by CEPA stories from around the world shared by CEPA Focal Points and others who are working for wetlands.

Wetlands CEPA Methods

In this section of the CEPA pages we will be highlighting materials of use to those involved in planning CEPA activities or developing CEPA programmes and action plans; the focus...

CEPA Programme (Resolutions)

The current CEPA Programme was adopted through Resolution XII.9. The vision of the Programme is “Prevent, stop and reverse the degradation of wetlands and use them wisely”. The over-arching Goal...

CEPA Action Plans and Guidelines

A guideline was prepared for Contracting Parties and other CEPA practitioners, to assist in the CEPA action planning process. It provides an easy-to-use practical tool that will guide practitioners in...